Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Athletes from Guinea and Ivory Coast have joined several other Africans who have gone missing following the London Olympics, officials said on Tuesday.

Three Guineans and three Ivorians disappeared, adding to a total list of 11 Congolese and Cameroonians suspected to be trying to make new lives in Europe.

"Three members of the delegation have not returned to the Olympic village," Adama Doumbia, technical adviser at the Ministry of Sports and Leisure in Ivory Coast, told Reuters.

He did not give the names of the missing members of the delegation but said they contained two swimmers and a wrestling coach.

An official on Guinea's Olympic Committee told Reuters on condition of anonymity that swimmer Dede Camara, judo competitor Facinet Keita and runner Aicha Toure had been missing since Saturday, the day before the closing ceremony.

Games officials are already looking for a Democratic Republic of Congo judo competitor, three other members of that country's delegation and seven Cameroonian athletes.

The London Olympic organizing committee said it had notified British police about the missing Cameroonians but added the athletes would not be infringing immigration laws until their visas expired in November.- Reuters

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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Africa Fashion Week London 2012 Show Day1

Disk and Jockey Media was present at the biggest African Fashion Event in London , the Africa Fashion Week London 2012 which was held during two days. In this video we bring you what took place on the first day.

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Disk and Jockey Media were present at the Coca Cola Olympic Torch Concert at Hyde Park were we questioned people about the London 2012 Olympic 100 metres competition between Bolt & Blake. Who will win?

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Interviews with Ice Prince , Dj Edu & Dj Neptizzle

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Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz & Brymo Live on Stage at Africa Utopia

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Disk and Jockey Media brings you the highlights of the Ultimate AfroBeats which took place at the South Bank Centre at the Africa Utopia Event

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Taylor Jones : Rock This Party (Behind The Scenes)

Disk and Jockey Media were present at Taylor Jones "Rock This Party" video shoot doing the behind the scenes. The single should be out this summer and it promises to be a great year for Taylor Jones.

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Smokey 9278 on the HotSeat

Disk and Jockey Media caught up with one of the Congolese community UK hottest rapper Smokey927 who was interviewed on the HotSeat

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Donaeo Behind the Scenes:How To Move To Da Gyal/Mandem Part 1

The Disk & Jockey Media was invited to bring you Exclusive access to what happened behind the scenes of Donaeo's video-shoot to the new track out now; Move To Da GyalDem & Move To Da Mandem.

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Interview by : @Ahhveeda
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